I’ve had a key meeting already after showcasing our Vidipack™ at a recent pharmacy conference. When I arrived at the meeting our Vidipack™ had been passed around the team and the senior contact came to the meeting with the Vidipack™ in his hand.

- Medical communications agency -

"The presentation boxes for our video were brilliant. They’ve resulted in work with some impressive clients!"

- Commercial Practice Development Manager – New Business Project -

"Since turning our attentions to Video Brochures we have been able to add a real element of video personalisation to our Account Based Marketing techniques. We have seen a 32% increase in the return on these campaigns, just from adding a video element to our direct mail."

- Marketing Programs Manager, London -

"Vidipack have proven a great partner across projects of all sizes and budgets. They offer expert, friendly advice, reliable and fast production schedules, excellent fulfillment and fully-managed delivery internationally. Importantly for our clients, they also lead the way in the sector from a sustainability perspective - both in terms of offering carbon-offset and an effective return/recycle program."

- Advertising Agency -

"The production was seamless. Vidipack handled the campaigns from start to finish and have eliminated the fulfilment stress that these campaigns can often Bring."

- Marketing Programs Manager, London -

"Vidipacks have brought our campaigns into the hands of media, social influencers and clients. It's a really powerful tool for communicating a campaign in a fun, engaging and surprising way.  The company understands what we want to achieve and are always very efficient and easy to work with."

- Advertising Agency -

"Marketing is all about being memorable enough to stick in the mind of the audience for more than just a moment, and get that customer to think about you rather than just acknowledge. For us, the Vidipack help give us that point of difference that get clients thinking and talking about us or our Client."

- Advertising Agency -

"These Vidipacks have gone down a storm both internally and externally! Words such as 'amazing' and 'genius' have been mentioned internally and externally - the response from the mail out has been described as 'extraordinary'!"

- Construction Consultancy – New Business Project -

"Your Vidipacks were legendary – absolutely brilliant, went like hot cakes and have been opening doors for meaningful engagement."

- Regulatory Body – Engagement initiative -

Vidipack Group Ltd – Hesketh Mount – 92-96
Lord Street – Southport – PR8 1JR UK

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