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How much Video can we get on them? + -

With memory on our video brochures ranging from 128mb to 2GB, we are sure to have a solution for you. Bear in mind the target size for your video is small, so if optimised for say a 4.3” screen, you can get circa 80 mins on a 512mb Vidipack.

They are reasonably priced, are they reliable? + -

We believe our Vidipacks video brochures are second to none. Like any electrical component product, there is a wide range of components available from very low poor quality to the very best available. We designed our Vidipack video brochure specifications to the highest standard and have a continued system of external testing to ensure both the finest quality and compliance with EU law.

Can they be special sizes? + -

Yes, any size you want with screens from 2.4” to 10” and limitless print potential; from business card to shaped cardboard engineered displays.

What format of Video can we upload? + -

We recommend .MP4 as this gives the best end result. The 2.4” screen is 4:3 and the 4.3” / 7” and 10” are 16:9. Don’t worry about this side though, we can help you with this if you need it.

How long does the battery last? + -

Each video brochure can play for over 2hrs before recharge via the supplied cable, we use a standard 1000mAh battery our A5 upwards which is much more than our competitors.

How long do they take to produce? + -

We normally allow circa 2-3 weeks from artwork approval but wherever possible we will work with you if you have a screamer. We also offer a fast turnaround option for last minute jobs.

Can we do short run or variable print? + -

Yes we have a UK production arm where we can do as few as an individual video brochure, which we print on an Indigo digital press.

Who is using the Vidipack video brochures? + -

A really wide range of clients in PR / Marketing / IT / Training and anywhere where high quality, high impact communication is required. Where there is a quality high value product or service that needs to get in front of the right people; the Vidipack is a great marketing tool.

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